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It is the mission of this guild to focus on two related primary objectives. To prove that we are the best in what we do, and to have fun doing it. In order to simultaneously accomplish both of these goals we seek to bring together 50 "Active" players. The word active has been used deliberately because it conveys multiple meanings. 
How to be an Active member of the guild: 
1) Periodically join in the Guild Chat in game, and/or the forum here. Get to know your teammates and give them the opportunity to know you. Some people will share TMI personal details and some may not want to. Some enjoy nerdy technical analysis, some find that boring. The only requirement is that you always respect others, wherever their personality lies on the social spectrum. 
2) Participate in the Crypt challenge. Everyone should endeavor to pull their weight. Do not scour the entire list looking for only the easiest stuff. But rather look for line items of an appropriate power level to your abilities. When starting out, aim for things about 500-1000 power above what you can muster and try it. With practice this can be stretched to a 2k deficit or more. Experiment. There will be another one tomorrow. Also, do take advantage of the free hireling which each fight. But do not send your heroes one by one just to get more free heroes. Use reasonable teams of 2/3/4 of your own units plus one hired unit. If you do have a solitary unit left after running everything else, please do send it with a hired help. Even if you have no hope of killing anything, soften up something for your teammates. (avoid attacking horse with weak units) 
3) Participate in Temple runs. By design temples cannot be completed by any one person. You will need the help of your teammates, and they will need your help. There is a Temple Guide on this website for learning the basics.  Some things do occassionally require a bit of finesse that can't be scripted.  Please ask in Guild chat if you have any questions.
4) Contribute to the guild's progress. Guilds are ranked in power and stars. Not everyone will advance at the same rate and that's ok. But you should set a goal to make some progress every day. Use all the stamina you can to raise Team XP and your user level. The daily quests are important in leveling as well, so get them done. Campaign raids and competitive Arena rewards will help you collect soul stones and equipment pieces to upgrade your characters. This will advance your personal power and stars as well as the Guild's totals. Keep chipping away at ’em! 
5) Be aware of your teammates in public competitive arenas such as the fight pit. Gaining ground for yourself by pushing your teammate out of the way is in fact a minor net loss for the guild as a whole, just in wasted time if nothing else. Please don't do it. If there's some good reason for it please try to ask permission. If someone offers you an opening intentionally, that is perfectly fine. 
6) When using other public features such as VIP chat, be aware anyone can tap your name and see what guild you belong to. Like it or not you represent the guild with your actions. Be active, helpful, and courteous in public areas. 
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